Covid-19 May Be Infectious Only For Eight Days After Symptoms: Study

Samples seem to be the most contagious three to five days after Covid-19 patients experience symptoms.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 27 — A Winnipeg research found that Covid-19 appeared to be contagious only for the first eight days after symptoms turn up.

The Canadian study, which looked at nose or throat samples from 90 Manitobans who tested positive for the coronavirus between March 12 and the first week of April, found no viral growth whatsoever in samples taken more than eight days after they experienced symptoms.

“We found that [when] they went and got a swab done at Day 8 or beyond, those samples were no longer able to grow in cell culture,” Cadham Lab associate medical director Jared Bullard, the lead author on the study, told CBC News in an interview.

“If you’ve had symptoms for eight days or longer, you’re far less likely to be infectious for other people.”

CBC News also reported that the study discovered samples seemed to be the most contagious three to five days after patients first experienced coronavirus symptoms.

The Canadian news outfit also reported similar conclusions in German and Chinese studies about Covid-19 being infectious for only eight days after symptom onset.

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