Raya, Raya We All Call, Which Is The Most Bahaya Of Them All? – Dr. Arvinder-Singh HS

This Raya, nothing says a “Salam Sihat” better than you wearing a mask.

By the time this article is published, most of us would have already woken up to the start of Hari Raya- Salam Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin.

Just before you start your day with the glorious and tasty food that awaits you, please remember:

  1. We have come a long way to contain this Covid-19 situation. The Malaysian front-liners have done their best. It is now up to you to maintain that
  2. Remember before stepping out of the house to go somewhere- the SOP might say 20 people in one place but it also comes with the fact that it MUST NOT be in a confined, crowded and have close contacts
  3. Many elderly and young children are depending on your heroism to not get infected and stay alive in hope to celebrate next year’s Raya. Please, give them that added hope by not visiting them and staying at home- trust me they will understand
  4. As our DG mentioned- washing our hands must include the special element called soap. Just rinsing your hands it like trying to fill up petrol by parking in a petrol station- nothing is going to happen until you make that move. Use alcohol sanitizers if you wish to scrub quickly but do it thoroughly
  5. We all love our stuff/ materials- so why not disinfect them? This will not only ensure that others can also use them. Even better- they will have a lower risk of getting an infection
  6. If you have to meet someone, remember, the best way to say hello and I love you is by staying away at least by 1 meter. Do so and your love shown is amplified as it says “I love you and your life”
  7. We all love to see wonderful smiles- but remember, we sneeze and cough from the same outlet. As much as you would like to share that lovely Raya smile, give it a break this year for the reason of keeping your droplets to yourself. Remember, nothing says a “Salam Sihat
    better than you wearing a mask
  8. And lastly, we are well connected with technology- we can see each other without being even in the same country. Don’t hesitate to use it and stop the spread of the Covid-19 Do not attempt to cheat the frontliner police by trying to cross state borders. Remember, you are only fooling/harming yourself and your loved ones.
  9. When you are going to take that next kuih or lemang, remember your hand hygiene- contact of droplets can happen from hand to mouth. Love everyone else, use utensils when you eat- avoid sharing (yay more food for yourself!) utensils/ suaps, and make sure you are gloved to spoil yourself with that second helping.
  10. For those with non-communicable diseases- spend Raya well. Remember, we do not want a worsening of your diabetes/ hypertension/ cholesterol/ heart disease levels. Eat smart, eat
    wisely and remember- your doctor who will be upset if your controls are disarranged is currently hard at work (probably saving/treating someone/a family member of someone who refuse to follow steps 1-10) whilst you enjoy your rest of the day.

Salam Hari Raya. Stay safe, stay Covid-19 free. Only together can we defeat this dreadful virus.

Dr. Arvinder-Singh HS is a Medical Officer with a Certificate in Occupational Health, Masters in Health Research, Diploma in Football Medicine and is currently pursuing a PhD in Community Health focusing on adolescent athletes’ health.

  • This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of CodeBlue.

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