Sunway Works With Chinese Medical Team On Covid-19 Research

Three Sunway hotels have also been gazetted as quarantine centres.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 1 – Sunway’s health care portfolio has joined hands with medical experts visiting from China to discuss treatment, management, and preventive measures for Covid-19.

Sunway Traditional and Complementary Medicine (TCM) Centre TCM consultant and director Dr Lim Ren Jye said the Chinese experts shared their first-hand experiences in the adoption of Chinese herbal medicine to treat Covid-19 patients.

“According to Integrated Chinese and Western Emergency Medicine chief physician Dr Li Jun, research is vital to evaluate the efficacy and safety of Traditional Complementary Medicine in Covid-19 management,” said Dr Lim in a statement.

“The discussion has also brought in new and valuable insights to the research preparation by Sunway TCM Centre.”

Separately, the Sunway TCM Centre, Sunway Healthcare Group, Sungai Buloh Hospital, the Ministry of Health Malaysia and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Alumni Malaysia are also partnering to bring together their expertise to work on a research initiative on treatment options for Covid-19.

“The research looks into identifying possible Chinese herbal treatment in addition to standard care for patients infected with COVID-19,” the statement read.

Apart from the specialists from Sunway TCM Centre, Sunway Healthcare Group, Sungai Buloh Hospital, MOH, and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Alumni Malaysia, the study also includes one pharmacist from the National University of Singapore; and has four international advisors to aid in research management.

“This research will test the effectiveness of herbal medicine in addition to the standard care of treatment in confirmed COVID-19 cases that are clinically classified Grade 2 and above. The TCM management will refer to the guidelines set by the Chinese Clinical Guidance for COVID-19 Pneumonia Diagnosis and Treatment to drive the research forward,” added the statement.

“The research application was submitted in April this year and is currently awaiting approval from the MREC (Malaysia Research Ethical Committee) Board. The research will be partly funded by the Sunway TCM Centre, Sunway Healthcare Group and Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Alumni Malaysia.”

The eight-member medical team from China is currently in East Malaysia for a medical visit.

Sunway Group also announced that three of its hotels — Sunway Pyramid Hotel, Sunway Clio Hotel in Sunway City, Selangor and Sunway Velocity Hotel in Kuala Lumpur — with a total of more than 1,200 rooms have been gazetted as Covid-19 quarantine facilities for Malaysians returning from overseas amid the Movement Control Order (MCO).

The hotels only permit Malaysians returnees without any Covid-19 symptoms, and they will undergo a pre-arrival medical screening by MOH. Those with symptoms will be immediately sent to designated government hospitals.

“Since the Covid-19 outbreak, all nine Sunway hotels in Malaysia have been operating in strict compliance with Ministry of Health’s health and safety protocols during this time, in particular disinfection and sanitisation procedures,” said Tan Kia Loke, Sunway Group senior managing director of chairman’s office, who also oversees its hotel operations.

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