SMCV Provides Teleconsultation Services For Patients

It is also conducting medication delivery services.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 23 –- Sunway Medical Centre Velocity (SMCV) has commenced teleconsultation services for patients to get health advice without visiting the hospital.

‘For patients who wish to speak with a doctor during this time, SMCV has set up a teleconsultation service to allow patients to receive health advice from SMCV’s specialists or medical officers from the comfort of their homes. patients can make follow-up appointments, receive medication prescriptions and specialised health advisory where necessary depending on patient’s medical history and current health status,” said SMCV in a statement.  

“To make a teleconsultation appointment, patients only need to visit SMCV’s website and select from their list of participating medical specialities, such as Cardiology, Dermatology, Paediatrics and Psychiatry among others, and book their appointment online accordingly.”

SMCV is providing free teleconsultation services with a medical officer daily from 3-4pm for non-emergency health conditions. 

“The officers can provide health advisory for minor ailments, as well as preventive health advice for patients of all ages.”

The hospital is also offering medication delivery services.

“Aside from that, SMCV is also offering medication delivery to patient’s doorsteps in an effort to keep patients safe while they stay at home during this MCO.”

A doctor also voiced her support for the teleconsultation program. 

“Recently I had a couple of sessions with patients from other states who were unable to visit the hospital due to the MCO – for example, one of them was on long term medications and was at risk of a flare up should the medications be stopped, and some other patients, condition was worsening and needed adjustments to their medications. When used wisely, these teleconsultations can be a very good tool to deliver our healthcare services to these patients,” Dr. Irene Lee, who specialises in Dermatology, said. 

Separately, SMCV is working on all fronts to ensure patients and staff safety and wellbeing.

The hospital has stringent rules on wearing masks in its premises. It also monitors staff temperature daily; and anyone exhibiting higher temperature or having any symptoms will be asked to rest at home and take necessary measures. 

“For further disinfection measures, showering facilities have been provided to all staff in the hospital. All staff who are responsible for screening the public (temperature checks and travel history confirmations) are required to shower post duty, and staff within the hospital can also do so to curb the spread of the infection.”

SMCV is also conducting frequent sanitization efforts for the whole hospital premises. 

“These areas and frequent touchpoints are sanitized every hour, with extra emphasis in the Emergency Department,” the statement read.

To control the amount of people within the hospital premises daily, SMCV has restricted the number of entry points in and around the hospital. During the MCO, visitors are advised to bring only one guardian during clinic consultations with the exception of pediatric patients, patients who require assistance or emergency cases. 

The hospital provides Covid-19 tests via drive-thru or walk-in for RM360.

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