France Hits 10,000 Deaths and 109,069 Cases

France is currently in its fourth week of lockdown.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 8 — Just a day afer Valentine’s Day on 15 February, France marked the first death related to Covid-19, an 80 year-old tourist from China.

It was the first fatality in Europe and outside of Asia.

Now, almost two months later, the number of deaths in the country has now passed 10,000 and there are more than 100,000 cases of the disease.

Yesterday saw more than 1,400 deaths in hospitals and nursing homes in a single day.

France has become the fourth country to have more than 10,000 deaths due to Covid-19. Italy, Spain and the United States are the other three.

More than 30,000 are receiving treatment in hospitals. A total of 7,131 patients are being treated in intensive care. 19,337 patients have since recovered.

Despite these large numbers, CNBC reported the French health minister as warning that the country has not yet reached the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. “We are still in a worsening phase of the epidemic,” said Minister Olivier Veran.

France is currently in its fourth week of lockdown. Under nationwide confinement rules that came into force on March 17, people can leave their homes only for essential purposes. This includes a solo walk or run within one kilometre of their homes.

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