Malaysia Getting Chinese Experts To Help Fight Covid-19

Malaysian physicians will video conference with Chinese experts this Thursday to discuss best practices and strategies to combat coronavirus.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 24 – Malaysia is looking at bringing in medical specialists from China to amp up its battle against the Covid-19 outbreak that has killed 15 Malaysians and infected over 1,500 so far.

“Wisma Putra has started discussions with the Chinese government to ask for help to send specialists as soon as possible,” Foreign Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said in a press conference today.

“This step is intended to help our frontline staff to fight the pandemic. Following this discussion, it is understood that physicians from 26 hospitals in Malaysia will hold a video conferencing with Chinese experts this Thursday, March 26, to discuss on best practices and strategies in combating Covid-19.”

He further explained that Malaysia is also seeking assistance from the UAE for medical equipment to be supplied in near future.

China, where the coronavirus originated from, has recorded 81,171 cases in total with 3,277 deaths reported as of today. According to Worldometer, the country has recorded an increase of 78 cases since yesterday. Their total recovered cases stand at 73,159 cases in the same period.

China recently beat the first wave of the virus. For five days until March 23, China only reported one locally transmitted case of Covid-19. But yesterday’s surge in the number of cases, as well as the reversal of a lockdown, worried experts that a second wave might have reached the republic.

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