Southern Philippines Culls 1,000 Pigs In African Swine Fever Outbreak

African swine fever cases were reported in Davao Occidental.

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 3 — The southern province of Mindanao in the Philippines has reported its first African swine fever infections, with about 1,000 pigs culled.

Reuters reported that blood samples taken from pigs in Davao Occidental province tested positive for the disease that is deadly to pigs, but not harmful to humans.

Agriculture Secretary William Dar reportedly instructed the restriction of animal movement in Mindanao.

“Backyard pig farmers in the area practice group rearing of hogs, from different owners, most (of them without) proper housing provisions nor biosecurity practices,” the Department of Agriculture was quoted saying.

The department also reportedly said there was no regular vaccination, deworming, or vitamin supplementation of pigs in Davao Occidental, and household butchering was common, particularly with weak or diseased animals.

The Philippines previously reported its first African swine fever outbreak last September near the capital, Manila, before it spread to other areas in the main island of Luzon, including Manila.

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