Driver Loses Bumper In ‘Mudhole’ Car Park Near Putrajaya Hospital

Comedian Dr Jason Leong rages about the lack of parking at Putrajaya Hospital and the terrible conditions of a nearby car park.

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 27 — A visitor complained today about the lack of parking at Putrajaya Hospital, forcing him to park 45 minutes later at a nearby pothole-ridden car park.

Comedian Dr Jason Leong, who is also a medical doctor, told CodeBlue he was accompanying a relative to the Ministry of Health (MOH) hospital, and eventually found there were no empty parking lots for visitors and patients.

Dr Leong told CodeBlue it “definitely felt” like every other parking lot was for hospital staff, with only “one or two” for patients or visitors.

Cars were already double parked right up to the curb, he added.

Eventually, he found “this mudhole of a car park” near the National Cancer Institute beside Putrajaya Hospital after 45 minutes.

But while there were empty parking lots there, the compound was muddy and filled with potholes that had rainwater, likely, in them.

Things did not end there.

“Just five seconds after I recorded my video, a guy… drove past this… big hole and lost his bumper,” Dr Leong said.

“This happened, like, a minute after I recorded my (earlier) video.”

Dr Leong told CodeBlue the driver of this car drove into a pool of water, which then sank in “quite a bit”.

After that, the bumper hit the ground and it came off. The driver drove off by the time he started recording his videos.

He said he was not sure which of the two health centres owned the parking lot where he eventually parked at, but opined that most of those who parked there would be going to Putrajaya Hospital as well.

“(I’m) not a frequenter (to Putrajaya Hospital). (It’s my) first time coming across such appalling conditions,” he added.

At press time, MOH did not respond to Dr Leong’s tweets.

An MOH spokesman told CodeBlue that it would not be responding to Dr Leong’s tweets for the time being.

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