Wee Shows mySalam Patients’ Receipts For RM40 Medical Reports

It was previously denied that payments were being collected.

KUALA LUMPUR, November 8 – Wee Ka Siong, a Member of Parliament for Ayer Hitam and an opposition lawmaker, has released the receipts of patients who claimed to have paid RM40 for medical records from Hospital Selayang for mySalam application purposes.

On November 6, the chairman of the Board of Trustees of mySalam and Director of the National Budget Office, Johan Mahmood Merican published a statement referring to an article published by CodeBlue which reported on two B40 patients having difficulties applying for mySalam due to complex and expensive application procedures.

“No payment was made by the patient when he filed a medical report at the Department of Medical Records, Selayang Hospital on October 14, 2019. For information, the Ministry of Health issued a circular to all Hospital Directors, State Directors of Health and Institution Directors on August 14, 2019 that all medical reports disclose charges are exempted for the patient who make the mySalam scheme claim,” said Johan in his statement.

Now, Wee has provided receipts of the relevant payments and demanded full transparency from the government on the matter.

“But there is clear evidence of receipt that both patients have paid RM40! Do patients want to deceive the government? They are honest, they only say what is right. If our eyes are not blind, we can see the receipt clearly,” Wee said in a Facebook post.

“Is this mySalam or mySilap scheme? What’s worse is that mySalam is mistaken when accusing people, not admitting to their mistakes and even slandering the patient!” he added.

Zuzahana, whose husband Hairul Anuar Omar is trying to receive mySalam benefits, said in October that getting a medical report for mySalam from the Ministry of Health (MOH) hospital cost her RM40 and required two weeks’ waiting time, while getting a discharge note from the hospital took one week.

Another patient, Lalitha Selvakumar, who was hospitalised for 21 days for autoimmune disease SLE at MOH’s Sultanah Fatimah Muar Specialist Hospital, said at Wee’s service centre that she received RM200 under mySalam, but had to pay RM40 for each individual medical report per illness.

“That form records a lot of illnesses. It’s one form for one category, so if there are three diseases, you have to pay RM40, RM40, RM40, so it’s RM120 total,” she said.

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