No More Duty-Free Cigarettes On AirAsia

Tony Fernandes also announced more initiatives to curb smoking among staff.

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 20 – Budget airline AirAsia will stop inflight sales of duty-free cigarettes, its group CEO Tony Fernandes said today.

The airline has also initiated other anti-smoking efforts for its staff.

“Coupled with all our offices being smoke free and incentivising staff to stop smoking with better insurance, we are putting our money where our mouth is,” he continued.

The tweet has received many positive replies from the public, with some even encouraging other companies to do the same.

“Well done sir..hopefully other companies and agencies follow your footstep. When there’s haze all havoc about lung diseases, but when one smokes like a old train, nobody cares about making havoc..pollution is the same whether it comes from forest fire or cigarette fire,” Twitter handler @sudheepritch commented.

“An excellent move. corporations should live by its values,” Twitter handler @kickapo said.

Following his first tweet, Tony further tweeted:

“I urge all governments in ASEAN to STOP SMOKING IN PUBLIC PLACES. Look how much we spend on health-related smoking issues.”

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