25 Percent Of Man’s Skin Sliced Off Because Of Bacterial Infection

Commonly known as “flesh-eating disease”.

KUALA LUMPUR, August 27 — Last week, David Ireland, a 50 year old ride attendant at Florida’s Universal Studios in the US, contracted a bacterial infection and later started to show flu-like symptoms.

His health declined rapidly. His kidneys started to fail and surgeons were later forced to remove a quarter of his skin due to the earlier infection.

He had contracted nectrotizing fasciitis, a bacterial infection which destroys the tissue under skin. It is also commonly referred to as a ‘flesh-eating disease.’

His brother, Daniel Ireland, said to the Miami Herald that they had no clue how David had contracted the infection. Though a swimmer, he had not been swimming in oceans or lakes. The bacteria can often be contracted in those locations and raw seafood.

Despite the massive amount of tissue removed, he is thought to be lucky as doctors were able to diagnose early and initiate treatment before the infection spread to the muscle tissue.

David’s family has begun a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the ongoing treatment.

David’s wife, Jody Ireland, wrote on the fundraising page, “David will need to have surgery to do a reversible colostomy to help prevent his bowel movements from entering his open wounds.”

“They will also be checking for more infection and if so taking more skin off, and replacing his catheter.”

“My life isn’t the same without him so really praying for a miracle.”

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