MMA Moots Shift Work At Public Clinics To Prevent Burnout

Most public health clinics operate for about 15 hours.

KUALA LUMPUR, August 1 — The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) suggested introducing a double-shift system at government clinics to prevent health workers’ burnout. 

MMA president Dr N. Ganabaskaran told Free Malaysia Today that this would result in faster service and draw patients who go to the emergency and trauma departments (ETDs) at government hospitals even for non-emergency cases.

The news portal reported that most public health clinics ran for about 15 hours, with only one doctor in attendance, but 24-hour clinics — comprising 7 per cent of government clinics in Malaysia — operate in shifts.

The Auditor-General’s 2018 Report Series 1 found that only about 59 per cent to 75 per cent of patients in critical emergency cases were treated in less than four to six hours.

According to the national audit, the increase in patient arrivals of up to about 96 per cent at ETDs in government hospitals, especially for non-emergency cases, was among the main reasons why the Health Ministry failed its Medical Emergency Coordinating Centre key performance indicators for critical cases classified as Priority 1.

Dr Ganasbakaran also reportedly said better equipment and technology would increase efficiency at ETDs.

“Definitely, our ageing equipment in hospitals needs to be upgraded.”

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