Cops Still Asking Abused Women What They Were Wearing

Kampung Tunku rep Lim Yi Wei donated RM10,000 to AWAM.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 — Many abused women don’t file complaints because they get insulted by some police officers, a women’s rights group said.

Free Malaysia Today reported All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) programme and operations manager Nisha Sabanayagam as saying that her organisation could help train frontliners at police stations on how to handle abuse victims.

“A handful of frontliners at police stations still make insensitive remarks to victims.

“They pass comments that what they were wearing may have invited such a response from the men,” Nisha was quoted saying in Petaling Jaya after Kampung Tunku state assemblywoman Lim Yi Wei from the DAP donated RM10,000 to AWAM’s counselling fund. 

Nisha reportedly said domestic violence was not just about men beating up their wife, but also victims who were abused by their parents, siblings, or spouse.

“Sometimes, we get calls while the women and children are being abused.

“The man could be harassing them or, if she manages to lock the door, we can hear the banging on the door while talking to them on the phone,” she was quoted saying.

According to Nisha, AWAM gets about five calls daily on their Telenita helpline for emotional support and legal information. The most number of calls are made by those aged between 31 and 40.

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