Pasir Gudang Boy Gets Myokymia After Toxic Waste Dump

His lungs started to fail after sniffing poisonous gases.

KUALA LUMPUR, July 4 — A primary school boy has developed Myokymia, believed to be from exposure to pollutants and poisonous gasses emitted from the Sungai Kim Kim toxic waste dump in Pasir Gudang.

Irfan Wafiy Idham Wazir, 12, is now suffering from a type of Parkinson-like condition which causes several parts of the body to tremble.

In a Bernama report, his mother Norlela Abu Hashim, 45, claimed that prior to the incident in the Johor constituency last March, Irfan Wafiy had been an active child who enjoyed running and swimming. Today, he needs assistance to walk.

He was admitted to the Sultan Ismail Hospital following breathing difficulties. He was suspected to have been exposed to poisonous gases while at school. During his 10 day hospitalisation, his health deteriorated.

A referral to specialists at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital found that Irfan Wafiy was positive for Myokymia, possibly caused by sniffing poisonous gases which resulted in his lungs starting to fail.

His father Idham Wazir, 49, was forced to quit his job to enable him to focus on care for his son.

On Monday, he attended a townhall session between the Energy, Science, Technology, Environment, and Climate Change Minister Yeo Bee Yin and industry representatives in Pasir Gudang.

Video from The Star TV Online

Despite being a closed door event, Idham Wazir managed to gatecrash the session. His recorded outburst at the townhall quickly went viral on social media.

Idham Wazir was clearly furious that those attending the townhall were still debating on who should spend money and where it should be spent on to help the people of Pasir Gudang. He also implied that his family had received no aid or assistance from the government.

In response, State Health, Culture and Heritage Committee chairman, Mohd Khuzzan Abu Bakar said that the committee was planning to meet the 12 year old student and his family.

He assured the media during a press conference yesterday that the committee would provide any assistance needed.

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