‘My Body, My Right’, Defiant Myanmar Doctor Declares

Nang Mwe San says she didn’t dress sexily whenever she met patients.

KUALA LUMPUR, June 17 — A Myanmar model and doctor posted on Facebook even more pictures of herself in a bikini, after a medical council revoked her license for supposedly dressing inappropriately.

“Society doesn’t own women’s body. My body, my right.

“Thanks to all my fans from my country, Burma and all around the world who support and encourage me, I love y’all,” Nang Mwe San wrote on Facebook last night, posting several photographs of herself in a yellow bikini.

Thomson Reuters Foundation reported that the Myanmar Medical Council suspended Mwe San’s license in a letter to her on June 3, accusing her of dressing inappropriately.

The 28-year-old stopped practicing as a general physician two years ago, after a four-year practice, to pursue modelling. Revoking her license is tantamount to banning her from medical practice.

The medical council said Mwe San had continued posting photos of herself in outfits that did “not fit with Burmese tradition”, despite pledging to stop doing so after she received a warning last January.

“I was shocked and very sad. To be a doctor, it was a long struggle,” Mwe San told Thomson Reuters Foundation.

“Did I dress in sexy outfits when I was meeting my patients? Never.”

Shunn Lei, a founder of the Myanmar feminist magazine Rainfall, was quoted saying that Mwe San’s case reflecting sexism in Myanmar, a country that used to be known as Burma.

“Sexism is rooted in the mindset of the Burmese. The problem is our patriarchal society equates a woman’s role with protecting Burmese traditions and culture.”

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