Hospital Serdang Says Griping Athlete Was Treated In Two Hours

Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian purportedly complained about waiting for nearly an hour in the emergency department.

KUALA LUMPUR, April 1 — An athlete who complained about waiting long at Hospital Serdang was examined by a doctor within two hours after undergoing an X-ray, the hospital said today.

The government hospital said Rayzam Shah Wan Sofian, a record holder for running 110m hurdles, was given timely treatment according to the customers’ charter at the green zone of the emergency and trauma department.

“The medical officer from the emergency and trauma department will first examine the patient before conducting any procedure or making referrals to other experts,” Hospital Serdang said in a statement.

“In two hours, the patient was examined by an expert orthopaedic surgeon after undergoing an X-ray procedure, and subsequently received treatment and medicine.”

Rayzam Shah reportedly said in a now-deleted Facebook post that he had been waiting for nearly an hour in the emergency department, with a numb painful hand and feeling faint.

“Is this how a hospital treats an athlete who has contributed a lot to the country?” he reportedly said.

But Rayzam Shah’s Facebook post is no longer visible on his profile.

“Thank God, I have undergone treatment and God willing, everything is well…I also apologise if anyone was offended by my previous statement. I didn’t mean to offend anyone…Thank you to the Youth and Sports Minister,” he wrote on Facebook yesterday.

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