Vaping Cuts Smokers’ Risk Like Quitting, Juul Claims

Biomarkers linked with combustible cigarette smoke dropped by 85 per cent in the Juul group, compared to 85.3 per cent in the abstinence group.

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 — A clinical trial by Juul showed that switching to its e-cigarettes reduced smokers’ exposure to cigarette toxins at almost the same levels as totally quitting smoking.

CNBC reported Juul’s first clinical study found that switching only to Juul cut smokers’ exposure to cancer-causing biomarkers, or biological clues, linked with smoking cigarettes by 99.6 per cent, as much as abstaining from cigarettes.

“We’re committed to durable, clinical research that’s published in peer-reviewed journals and presented at major conferences,” Juul vice president of medical and clinical affairs Josh Vose was quoted saying in an interview.

The study presented yesterday tested 90 adult smokers for nine biomarkers linked with combustible cigarette smoke, who were later divided into groups that abstained from nicotine, or smoked normally, or vaped Juul. Biomarkers in the participants were measured again after five days.

Biomarkers dropped by about 85.3 per cent in the abstinence group, compared to an 85 per cent reduction in the Juul group. That equated a 99.6 per cent relative drop of biomarkers, or risk to cigarette smoking, in the Juul group compared to those who totally quit smoking, CNBC said.

The study essentially showed that vaping Juul was virtually as effective as quitting smoking in cutting one’s risk to cigarette smoking, according to CNBC.

“What’s important to take away is when we statistically tested these for difference, it was found to be not statistically different,” Vose was quoted saying.

Juul’s e-cigarettes contain nicotine, but vaping is thought to be less dangerous than ordinary tobacco cigarettes because of the absence of combustion where deadly toxins are released when tobacco burns.

CNBC also pointed out that the study only measured smokers who switched totally to Juul, not those who switched back and forth between vaping and smoking cigarettes.

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