It’s Never Just Cancer – Jade See

I have been very privileged to be in spaces where cancer patients share their stories. The journeys they tell often speaks of hardship and pain, but also incredible amounts of courage, inspiration and love.

One thing stood out – thinking about cancer is challenging to anyone’s state of mind. Cancer elicits a cascade of events, thoughts and emotions – pain and suffering due to the disease and treatment, anger at the loss of dignity and autonomy, worry of finances, and anguish at leaving relationships and loved ones.

All of this takes a toll on the wellbeing and mental health of a patient and their loved ones. As a result of the hardships they face, cancer patients in Malaysia report higher incidences of depression, anxiety and psychological distress upon diagnosis and treatment. People living with cancer have also been found to experience higher levels of fear, isolation, grief, insecurity, lower self-esteem and dissatisfaction with their bodies.

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